A creative consultant who loves to edit.

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Growing up on a sheep farm in the Midwest, Heather’s imagination flourished in the routine of daily life. That imagination grew into a desire for more creative outlets. At age 12, Heather taught herself Final Cut Pro and began making videos for herself and friends. Not long after, Heather’s editing skills got noticed by a local sports channel and she was recruited to edit video promos they could air.  This opportunity gave Heather a desire to edit professionally, and at the age of 18 Heather moved from her small town in Missouri to the big city of LA to pursue that dream.

Since then, a lot of big things have happened! Heather spent 7 years in Los Angeles and worked a variety of jobs in reality television as well as landing a major position at a non-profit creating their video content. Then, she got really creative… and created life! When her son was born in 2012, Heather and her husband decided to move to Atlanta to be closer to family and to be part of the “Hollywood of the South”. She and her family now reside in Atlanta where she has been working as a freelancer creating content for large businesses, small brands, and families alike.


Yup. That’s the face you make when things are heavy.

Heather also really likes lifting heavy stuff! She came in fourth place at her first powerlifting meet in 2017. Doesn’t everyone look awesome in a singlet? #AllTheSingletLadies