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Creativity.  Cut just for you.

Creative. Heather does more than just cut and paste videos together, she envisions, builds, and creates them.  Often Heather takes a directorial role in her edits.  She has also been brought in to consult on idea development, thus helping her create the all encompassing video the client will be most pleased with in the end. Heather considers herself to be a creative consultant, and loves giving life to ideas.

Professional. With years of administrative work under her belt, Heather knows how to be a professional creative. Striving to make every interaction an easy flow of communication, Heather is practiced in listening to the clients’ needs and communicating her plan of action. You’ll never find yourself guessing with Heather the editor.

Quirky. Being a creative has given Heather a unique way of thinking. She exhibits a fantastic combination of thinking outside of the box while staying grounded. Heather has written, directed, drawn, and edited many of her own videos. The quirk factor helps in the creating process because she can see things that others may not. She also is a firm believer that what you do should make you happy, so she occasionally breaks out in a dance while rendering projects at home.

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